No matter how big or small your event, We can  make your party special and unforgettable!

All kids dream of joining the circus.... Let's bring an interactive Circus party to them!

 From little kids to Sweet 16s, Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Communions, Graduations, Prom-we have package options that are easy to book and sure delight. 

These are an exciting  self-contained shows with a little bit of everything for every taste. From live music, to beautiful showgirls, to gorgeous costumes, to incredible circus acts, to comedy, the shows have it all.

The show feature a dance ensemble that may be small as six women and two men or can be expanded, depending on the needs. The costumes are already constructed, and are vibrant and of highest quality

We are provide entertainment for Event Planner for various corporate, celebrity and private events throughout the Europe and United States. We have an entire cast of experienced performers, such as jugglers, clowns, dancers, stilt walkers, hula hoop, burlesque performers, etc. We can create any atmosphere or customize any show to meet the needs of you and your clients. We are prefer to work with agents/event planners so that we may focus on what we do the best, and that is provide outstanding entertainment to our clients. Our relationships with our agents are very important and most profitable in that we provide you with our customize proposals that you, as our agent, can send to your clients, with your price markup, and we take care of the logistic (show up and perform).Your work consists of getting the clients, while we take care of the rest for you  (we put the show together, contact the performers, etc.)

  Another Great Event With Maserati of Manhattan, featured a preview of the new Maserati Ghibli 2014 at the unveiling of the new Maserati showroom in Manhattan, New York  with Leonid the Magnificent & Leonid Filatov, David Wilson, - The Jets, NFL player, Anthony Mason- former (big guy) NY Knick, Krystal Lavenne, State Senator Kevin Parker, Star vodka owner Charles Ferri, Baroness Marion Von Burchard, Carl Banks, Jill Zarin  ... and Taras Kardashov    

   Contact our team today to make your car show better, We will create a unique way that your new cars will be revealed in the most impressive way. 

  We will create entertainment and put together unique show for Car Launch Showroom Event  or Worldwide show. If you have a seemingly off the wall idea I'm sure that our entertainment team will have a unique way  that new cars are revealed in the most impressive way.

 Some companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Maserati of Manhattan and others have high standarts and always ask for more fun entertainment to present their models.

 Our Ellite booking team wonderful for finding first class talent. Check our website to find more options.            

   photos by Tatas Kardashov

Corporates, Conventions

Leonid the Magnificent and Carson Kressley

Leonid the Magnificent and Livia

Leonid the Magnificent and Rockettes  Radio City MusicHall NYC

Laura Fisher and David Wilson, Maserati of Manhattan , Ghibli 2014

Circus for Children

Agents / Event Planners

Simply Magnificent

About the show
"Simply Magnificent" is a show that celebrates the joy and freedom of life.  It is vaudeville madness featuring "Leonid the Magnificent", the glamorous, controversial, underground celebrity and Lucio Fernandez a.k.a. "The Cuban Kid", a romantic and remarkably funny character. These two "showmen" compete to share the spotlight on the stage.  With high energy, dazzling and sexy showgirls, it all melts into a unique cocktail of circus, song, dance, and stand-up comedy… all that in amazing lavish and unforgettable costumes.  This is absolutely new from what NYC may offer audiences today.  It is a show not to be missed!!!

In the show, Leonid performs many circus acts, whether it is hula-hoops, juggling knives or bottles, balancing a sword, and if the venue permits, juggling fire.  He does this with exact execution and a touch of class, all while wearing top-notch costumes; many covered in Swarovski crystals, and all exclusively designed by his personal designer just for this show. Leonid’s ensemble of dancers performs various styles, from contemporary pop to Russian folk dance, and compliment Leonid’s every move.  

Lucio Fernandez serves as Leonid’s sidekick, romping around the stage as Leonid’s comic shadow.  His romantic, over-the-top tenor voice completes the rest of this fun and exotic musical journey.

This is a show that brings audiences to another realm of entertainment.  Undoubtedly it is a feel good show that transports the audience out of the ordinary and mundane and leaves them cheering for more

Leonid the Magnificent for New York Stock Exchange  

Private lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn the art and skills of dance. An hour private is usually equal to 3 of 4 group classes. Whether you are a newcomer, or an experienced veteran, there is nothing like one-on- one instruction with professional teacher to help you achieve your goals.

Vegas Vegas Vegas 

The Union City Performing Art Center presents the wildly-exotic and exciting show VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS starring Leonid the Magnificent.

...The highly anticipated show also features dazzling vocalist Valentina Iofe, Leo-Leopatra Dancers, and the comedy antics of Lucio Fernandez as the Master of Ceremony.The show is designed and directed by Mr. Taras Kardashov

Taras Kardashov and Anthony Mason- former (big gay) NY Knick, Maserati of Manhattan Ghibli 2014

Taras Kardashov and David Wilson, - The Jets player NFL , Maserati of Manhattan, Ghibli 2014

Leonid the Magnificent& Filatov and Krystal Lavenne, Maserati  of Manhattan ,Ghibli 2014

State Senator Kevin Parker

 Additional or original creations are available for Productions, subject to availability, adequate lead time, and budget.

 From professional sketches to professional costumes for you and your dance grope...

Wedding Dance

Costumes Production

Private Events

Stage Production

Dance with laser

Wedding dance

 Couples seeking something spectacular or sublime will find the dance pros here catering to their needs.

 Your wedding dance should be unique and special, perhaps outrageous, irreverent, classy, fun or understated.  Most importantly, it should be you.


All lessons are held in fully private studio rooms- no sharing with other students or couples,

 We also teach regular social dancing, father/daughters,  mother/sons, and family dance.

Glamour & Style Maserati of Manhattan NYC 

Private Dance Lessons

Leonid  the​ Magnific​ent

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