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Taras Kardashov Presents

"The Russian Sensation in Miami"   Leonid Filatov

Kontour,magazine Miami

Leonid the Magnificent & Leonid Filatov with Exclusive interview about America's Got Talent, NBC, with Sean Daly (People, Us Weekly, In Touch magazines, New York Post, TMZ) and Ashley Majeski (Today.com) after 8 years of silence, 2013

Leonid the Magnificent Exclusive interview about AGT  with Sean Daly and Ashley Majeski, 2013

TV Guide, magazine

People , magazine

Leonid the Magnificent and Mark Schafer

"Vanity Fair ", magazine

August 2013

"I fell out from the moon and I am living now because of the Stage",

Leonid Filatov

Las Vegas Sun

"Fortune", magazine

"Chicago", magazine

Leonid  the​ Magnific​ent

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New York Post

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