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  Shows of Leonid the Magnificent designed to play big night clubs, cabaret settings or theaters. The shows are geared towards an audience that seeks alternative entertainment to what Broadway shows currently offer. It is new, fresh, and exciting, and with a touch of sensuality and elegance that will also attract young and hip audience seeking more than what the downtown scene offer. 

Official World Premiere of new music video "Agent Platinum Blonde" by  Leonid the Magnificent

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Leonid the Magnificent in Paris , France

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Leonid the Magnificent and Mario Lopez interview

Las Vegas 2014

"I am sure not all people understand and approve of what I do and how I look, but this is art. ...Art never teaches, it only shows or reflects our dreams or thoughts. Art he;ps people think, look inside themselves, make a choice, or become intrigue..., but art never commands people what to do. Art has no rools. Art has feelings , and real art touches people's  hearts and brains..."

-Leonid the Magnificent

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Official World Premiere of New music video "Autumn leaves" by Leonid the Magnificent

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Leonid the Magnificent and Miley Syrus

Celebrating  New Year Eve , MGM Grand , Las Vegas